The King Kong of Band Music!

In 1842, Dan­ish com­pos­er Andreas Hal­lager pre­sent­ed a gift to Friedrich Wil­helm IV, King of Prus­sia, for his 47th birth­day: an almost 900-page score of a pro­gram­mat­ic com­po­si­tion for band, por­tray­ing the entire life of Napoleon Bona­parte. At approx­i­mate­ly 2 hours in length, this com­po­si­tion is on a scale nev­er seen before.

This is the Rem­i­nis­cences of the Last Days on St Hele­na, the longest known work for band.

893-page man­u­script
312-page score
3546 bars
2 hours duration


Per­cus­sionSnare Drum, Bass Drum, Cym­bals, Triangle
Part One
1. The Emperor’s childhood
2. The Mil­i­tary Acad­e­my at Brienne
3. First love
4. Cap­ture of Toulon
5. Mar­riage to Josephine
6. Land­ing in Egypt
7. Bat­tle of the Pyramids
8. Appoint­ment as First Consul
9. Cross­ing over St. Bernhard
10. Bat­tle of Marengo
11. The Coronation
12. Coro­na­tion as King of Italy
13. Finale
Part Two
1. Bat­tle of Austerlitz
2. Bat­tle of Jena
3. Peace of Tilsit
4. Bat­tle of Eckmühl
5. Cross­ing the Pyrenees
6. Entry into Madrid
7. Mar­riage to the Arch­duchess Marie Louise
8. Birth of the King of Rome
Part Three
1. Cap­ture of Smolensk
2. Entry into Moscow
3. Retreat from Russia
4. Cross­ing the Berezina
5. Bat­tle of Dresden
6. Bat­tle of Leipzig
7. Farewell at Fontainebleau
8. Stay on the island of Elba
9. Land­ing at Cannes
10. Bat­tle of Waterloo
11. Cross­ing to St. Helena
12. Stay on the island
13. The Emperor’s death
14. Return of the entourage