Young, Fantasy on the Dies Irae

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This exciting and dramatic Grade 5 work by Jeffrey A. Young is based on the melody of the "Dies Irae".

Jef­frey A. Young
Fan­ta­sy on the Dies Irae

Date: 2020
Dif­fi­cul­ty: Grade 5, Medium-Advanced
Dura­tion: 5:15
Instru­men­ta­tion: Con­cert Band

Score preview

Score pre­view

This work uses as its the­mat­ic mate­r­i­al, the well known melody of the “Dies Irae.” The “Dies Irae,” which trans­lates to “Day of Wrath”, is what is referred to as the sequence of the Requiem Mass prop­er, and uses as its text a long poem depict­ing the Apoc­a­lypse. It has been used in many dif­fer­ent works by com­posers across the cen­turies, from being used as a Can­tus Fir­mus in many Renais­sance works, to Sym­pho­ny Fan­tis­tique by Hec­tor Berlioz, and more recent­ly, in Gry­or­gy Ligeti’s Requiem, which was used as music in the movie The Shin­ing. Fan­ta­sy on the Dies Irae is a series of the­mat­ic trans­for­ma­tions, work­ing the theme through sev­er­al vari­a­tions of grow­ing intensity. 

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