Whitwell, Symphony Nr. 7, “Renaissance Memories”

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Symphony No. 7, "Renaissance Memories", by Dr David Whitwell. A level 4 work suitable for high school bands.

Product Description

Sym­pho­ny Nr. 7, “Renais­sance Memories”
David Whitwell (1937–)

Date: 2018
Instru­men­ta­tion: Con­cert Band
Dura­tion: 9:30
Lev­el: 4

Score pre­view

Sym­pho­ny No. 7, “Renais­sance Mem­o­ries”, by Dr David Whitwell. A lev­el 4 work suit­able for high school bands.

This com­po­si­tion does not quote any actu­al Renais­sance music, rather it is all music that came to me think­ing of life in that peri­od. I found try­ing to write a 15th cen­tu­ry style can­zona was, to my sur­prise, quite dif­fi­cult. In this peri­od before the influ­ence of Ital­ian opera and the lyri­cal style of melody, I found myself at a loss—mere con­ven­tions, such as how can­zonas begin, did not help. Also it is quite unusu­al, in the sec­ond move­ment, to attempt to imi­tate a plucked string, which is very unnat­ur­al to a wind-blown instru­ment. I had in mind a short stac­ca­to, with as lit­tle accent as is possible.