Sorcsek, Symphony in Four Chorale Preludes

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After composing a few titles for concert band, I decided it was time for some chorale preludes — a favorite form among band composers.

Product Description

Jerome Sor­c­sek
Sym­pho­ny in Four Chorale Preludes
for con­cert band

Year: 1977
Dura­tion: 24 minutes
Lev­el 5

Score pre­view

After com­pos­ing a few titles for con­cert band, I decid­ed it was time for some chorale pre­ludes — a favorite form among band com­posers. I looked through my vol­ume of J. S. Bach 4‑part chorale set­tings with an eye toward titles rather than music. I chose sev­er­al chorales to set in my fash­ion, and then came up with the idea of orga­niz­ing them into a four-move­ment sym­pho­ny. I was attract­ed to “Nun ruhen alle Wälder” over the idea of how qui­et the defor­est­ed areas of Viet­nam had become over the years fol­low­ing the end of the war. This chorale pre­lude was an ele­gy to the destroyed forests them­selves, and by vast exten­sion to the war dead on all sides.The sec­ond move­ment is an expres­sion of won­der over the uni­verse. The third move­ment betrays the warmth sug­gest­ed by its title, yet has a moment of sobri­ety in the mid­dle sec­tion. The chorale tune on which the final move­ment is based is a world-weary farewell, but in my set­ting it is ren­dered as a defi­ant asser­tion of life.

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