Ochs, Variations on a German Folksong

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In this remarkable composition for concert band from 1887, Siegfried Ochs parodies a different composer in each variation.

Concert Band | PDF download | Level 4, Medium

Vari­a­tions on a Ger­man Folksong
Siegfried Ochs (􏰾􏱛􏱶􏱛􏱱􏰾􏱙􏱀􏱙1858–1929)
Mod­ern edi­tion by David Whitwell

Con­cert Band | PDF down­load | Lev­el 4, Medium
Date: 1887 | Dura­tion: 14:30

Score pre­view

In this remark­able com­po­si­tion Siegfried Ochs, in each vari­a­tion he par­o­dies a dif­fer­ent composer.

  • Theme: “Kommt ein Vogel geflo­gen,” Alle­gret­to con moto
  • Vari­a­tion 1: Bach, Alle­gro non troppo
    [In the style of an organ fugue]
  • Vari­a­tion 2: Josef Haydn, Alle­gret­to con modo
    [ In the style of Harmoniemusik]
  • Vari­a­tion 3: Mozart, Andante molto grazioso
    [A clar­inet solo]
  • Vari­a­tion 4: Johann Strauss, Waltz
    [In the style of a Vien­nese Waltz]
  • Vari­a­tion 5: Ver­di, Allegro
    [ An “Aria di Bravu­ra” in the oper­at­ic style, with the often repeat­ed finale of Ital­ian dra­mat­ic music]
  • Vari­a­tion 6: Charles Goun­od, Ada­gio e dolce
    [A par­o­dy on the Gar­den Scene in Faust]
  • Vari­a­tion 7: Wag­n­er, Lento-Alle­gro Grandioso
    [A par­o­dy on two motives from Lohen­grin and Tannhäuser] 
  • Vari­a­tion 8: Beethoven, Andante non troppo
    [In the style of a song with pano]
  • Vari­a­tion 9: Mendelssohn, Andante molto expressivo
    [a quar­tet for horns in imi­ta­tion of the Inter­mez­zo in Mid­sum­mer Night’s Dream]
  • Vari­a­tion 10: Brahms, Moderato
    [in the style of a song from Op. 49]
  • Vari­a­tion 11: Meyer­beer, Tem­po di marcia
    [in the grand hero­ic style. After an intro­duc­tion by the drums, the grand scene “The Bless­ing of the Dag­gers” in The Huguenots is parodied.]
  • Vari­a­tion 12: March [in the style of a nine­teenth cen­tu­ry Ger­man Infantry March]

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