Drechsler, Mor di Nelson

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Mor di Nelson by Joseph Drechsler, modern edition for Harmoniemusik by Craig Dabelstein. Part of the Maxime's Music Napoleon Series.

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Mor di Nelson
Joseph Drech­sler (1782–1852)
Mod­ern edi­tion by Craig Dabel­stein (1973–)

Date: c. 1805
Instru­men­ta­tion: Har­moniemusik (Ob 1.2, Cl 1.2, Hn 1.2, Bsn 1.2)
Dura­tion: 5:50
Lev­el: 4

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Notes on Drechsler’s Mor di Nelson

Joseph Drech­sler was born in Bohemia in 1782 and died in Vien­na in 1852. He was a per­son­al friend of Beethoven, as we know from ref­er­ences in the Beethoven Con­ver­sa­tion Books. He first stud­ied the­ol­o­gy in Prague but as a stu­dent was already com­pos­ing large church works.

His suc­cess in com­pos­ing and con­duct­ing in the the­ater led to his becom­ing Kapellmeis­ter in Baden, Bratisla­va and final­ly for the great St. Ste­fan’s Cathe­dral in Vien­na. Through­out his career he was an active teacher and had pub­lished a trea­tise on har­mo­ny in 1816.

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