Druschetzky, Coronation March

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Coronation March for the Emperor Napoleon by Georg Druschetzky, modern edition for Harmoniemusik by Craig Dabelstein. Part of the Maxime's Music Napoleon Series.

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Coro­na­tion March for the Emper­or Napoleon
Georg Druschet­zky (1745–1819)
Mod­ern edi­tion by Craig Dabel­stein (1973–)

Date: c. 1804
Instru­men­ta­tion: Harmoniemusik
Dura­tion: 3:00
Lev­el: 4

Score pre­view

Notes on Druschetzky’s Coronation March

The Czech com­pos­er, Georg Druschet­zky (1745–1819), stud­ied oboe with one of the fore­most oboists of his time, the Ital­ian Car­lo Besozzi, who was work­ing in the court in Dres­den. While serv­ing in the mil­i­tary he became inter­est­ed in the tim­pani and was one of the first to com­pose works for solo tim­pani requir­ing five or six instru­ments to pro­vide dif­fer­ent pitches.

The Gerber’s Ency­clo­pe­dia (1812) report­ed that since 1800 he had, “com­posed a great num­ber of excel­lent Par­ti­tas for wind instru­ments … [which] have received mer­it and invig­o­rat­ed all of Ger­many.” Indeed be became one of the most pro­lif­ic of com­posers of Har­moniemusik and his par­ti­tas keep turn­ing up in the libraries in cen­tral Europe. In one case, David Whitwell par­tic­i­pat­ed in the open­ing of a hid­den door in a palace where sev­en­ty of his pre­vi­ous­ly unknown par­ti­tas were found. He had an offi­cial posi­tion as Kapellmeis­ter for Anton Gras­salkovics in Vien­na, and it was per­haps through this prince that he devel­oped ties with Haydn. We do not know the role of Haydn beyond sup­ply­ing the auto­graph scores, but Druschet­zky made Har­moniemusik arrange­ments of extra­or­di­nary length of both the Cre­ation and the Sea­sons. The ques­tion is even more inter­est­ing is the fact that while attrib­uted to Druschet­zky, the parts of these two mas­sive sets are in the hand of Haydn’s copyist.

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