Finali, Clarinet Concerto

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The Clarinet Concerto by Finali composed in the early 1800s, is a three-movement, 13:30 minute work for solo clarinet and small wind ensemble.

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Con­cer­to for Clarinet
Lui­gi Finali
David Whitwell (1937–)

Date: unknown
Instru­men­ta­tion: Wind Ensem­ble (Solo cl, fl, ob, cl 1.2, bsn 1.2, tpt 1.2, hn 1.2, tbn)
Dura­tion: 13:35
Lev­el: 5

Score pre­view

Lui­gi Finali
1794 in Bagnone Luni­giana, 1831 in Parma

Lui­gi Finali was edu­cat­ed by his uncle, a lawyer in Par­ma named Lui­gi Tor­ri­giani (who had mar­ried the sis­ter of his father!). He stud­ied piano and com­po­si­tion with Fer­di­nan­do Simo­nis and began com­pos­ing at an ear­ly age, includ­ing a can­ta­ta, Hero and Lean­der.

In 1818 the local aris­to­crat, Maria Luigia, was respon­si­ble for the recon­struc­tion of the Phil­har­mon­ic Acad­e­my, where Finali was made a teacher of vocal music in in 1822 was giv­en the title, “Kapellmeis­ter Hon­orary Ducale Con­cert SM.” On Octo­ber 24, 1826, fol­low­ing the pre­miere of his opera, Il re Teodoro in Venezia in the Ducal The­ater in Par­ma he joined the fac­ul­ty of the School of Simo­nis where he taught vocal music until his death of tuber­cu­lo­sis in 1831. He seems to have been well-known as he was made an hon­orary mem­ber of the Phil­har­mon­ic Acad­e­my in Pia­cen­za and a cor­re­spond­ing mem­ber of one in Cremona.

In addi­tion to his opera Il re Teodoro in Venezia (1826) he com­posed an operetta, The Lost Slip­per (1824), a Sym­pho­ny in Eb for small orches­tra, a Can­ta­ta for the Birth­day of Maria Luigia for cho­rus and orches­tra which he con­duct­ed in 1822, and a few large Church works, in addi­tion to edu­ca­tion­al works for singers and piano students.

David Whitwell, Austin, 2017