Con­cert Band: By “Con­cert Band” we mean the stan­dard instru­men­ta­tion in use through­out the world today: Pic­co­lo, Flute, Oboe, Clar­inet, Bass Clar­inet, Bas­soon, Alto Sax­o­phone, Tenor Sax­o­phone, Bari­tone Sax­o­phone, Trumpet/Cornet, F Horn, Trom­bone, Eupho­ni­um, Tuba, Percussion.

Wind Ensem­ble: By “Wind Ensem­ble” we mean any com­bi­na­tion of wind, brass or per­cus­sion instru­ments that does not con­form to the stan­dard instru­men­ta­tion above.

Har­moniemusik: By “Har­moniemusik” we mean six‑, eight- or nine-part wind music in which one always finds the nucle­us of two bas­soons, two horns and either, or both, pairs of oboes or clarinets.

Haut­bois­t­en: The Haut­bois­t­en, which con­sist­ed of oboes and bas­soons, and lat­er, horns, func­tioned as a bridge between the Renais­sance con­sorts and the reper­toire of Har­moniemusik of the Clas­si­cal Period.

Difficulty Levels

Maxime’s Music uses the stan­dard 6 lev­els of dif­fi­cul­ty for con­cert band works.

  • Lev­el 1 — Very Easy
  • Lev­el 2 — Easy
  • Lev­el 3 — Medi­um Easy
  • Lev­el 4 — Medium
  • Lev­el 5 — Medi­um Advanced
  • Lev­el 6 — Advanced


Maxime’s Music pub­li­ca­tions are designed for print­ing on A4 size paper, but owing to the large bot­tom mar­gin should print on US Let­ter sized paper with­out hav­ing to scale down the page size. Set the “page scal­ing” in your print­er soft­ware to 100%.

All instru­men­tal parts have tak­en into account page turns for the per­form­ers. Check the page num­bers on each part before print­ing. Page 1 is always a right hand page.


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